Author: Dexter Stangl

May 30, 2020

Installment loans more preferred by consumers today

Consumers in the USA today have more reasons to take advantage of the quick Installment loans for their financial needs over other financial options. Instead of approaching banks from where people used to take out their personal loans, a growing number of consumers are borrowing money from short term lenders.

The latest reason why people will continue to rely on these 1500 instant cash loans is that a limited number of banks are lending to new customers. In the USA, it’s been reported that only four banks are most likely to lend money to new clients. What this means is that most banks will grant personal loans only to their existing clients with a current account. Other conditions also apply such as the duration of your existing current bank account, the amount you deposit each month and your credit history. Additionally, it’s been found that banks that offer unsecured cash till payday implement a high interest rate and the rate being offered today is said to be very high compared to the previous years.

It’s true that banks have become more stringent in their policies regarding lending money to new customers. Nowadays, they want to make sure that they determine the financial situation and habits of interested borrowers before approving their loan application. These strict rules and the high interest rates are some of the very reasons why many people have avoided turning to banks for their personal loans.

On the contrary, numerous consumers are happy that they can turn to the short term lenders for their immediate cash requirements. With most of these lenders now operating their business on the internet, more people can easily avail of fast cash loans to meet their financial needs. And what makes them happy about these lending companies is the fact that they can conveniently apply and get approved of their loans without so many requirements to accomplish.

For those still in doubt about the services of these long term quick installment $$1000-3000 loan lenders, there are no faxing of documents involved and no credit check as well. So if you are somebody with a bad credit history, you will surely jump at the chance to borrow money by getting an advance loan from an online lender than going to a bank.

The convenience provided by these short term lenders is also a major factor. By not having to spend for gas and drive back and forth, you are saving time and money when applying for your quick installment loans online. In short, you can just sit down in front of your computer and proceed with the registration process on the website of your chosen lender and within the day or even within just a matter of hours, you can be approved of your loan. Straight away, you can withdraw the money directly deposited by the lender to your bank account from any ATM near your place.

So if banks won’t let you borrow money, there’s no need to worry because the instant cash loans can be of great help to you and your family. What matters is you know how to pay back on time to avoid problems.…

May 26, 2020

Top practical ways to cut on debt

Cutting down on debt has always been a top priority for people conscious of their finances. This is also foremost in the minds of those who want to avoid financial troubles in their lives. Indeed, this is ideal if you want to have your peace of mind moving forward and not be bothered by money matters than can only stress you out.

There are many ways by which consumers can avoid going into debt. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that when one starts on taking those steps, they have to be done consistently so that there’s no chance for your debt to accumulate. The problem with some people is that they’re only good at the start and then forget about their responsibilities going forward. Financial obligations are somehow tied to life the reason why it’s always best to be conscious of your responsibilities.

Here then are some the ideal ways you can do to eliminate debt. They’re very simple to do yet the keyword is consistency to help you achieve success in this important endeavor.

Look for a new energy supplier. Why should you do this? It is because energy costs in the home make up a huge chunk of people’s bills. Home heating alone already consumes a lot of energy. This is a common problem for homeowners hence, you may want to reconsider your standard tariff and then switch to a new energy provider. According to experts, this will help you save some 370 dollars each year.

But before you do this, make sure that you do a little research to determine what company provides a better deal. Do your assignment online for more convenience. Other suggestions include paying your bills through direct debit means and using a single provider for your gas and electricity needs.

Find better mobile deals. It’s a fact that the mobile phone is one of the basic necessities of people today. They always bring this device wherever they go and use it often to communicate with business partners, colleagues and family members. However, this is also one of the most common sources of debt for people who are not able to properly manage their finances. Sometimes, monthly mobile phone bills are not paid on time or worse, they’re not paid for a month or so.

But a good solution is to look for a better deal. Use the internet for this purpose as there are some websites that cater to helping consumers calculate their monthly usage of mobile phones in terms of texts and minutes of calls.

Pay your debts on time. This is very important whatever your status in life is. Debts can be a source of stress and anxieties so make sure to pay what you owe in a timely fashion. Whether it’s your electricity, telephone and mobile phone bills or short term personal loans you’ve taken out, you have to be responsible for paying them on or before the due date. Payday and cash advance loans are indeed helpful to so many people but after you’ve availed of them, keep in mind to pay them back without fail.…

May 12, 2020

Ways to check your financial status

People may be too preoccupied with their daily routines whether at home or in the office or even in their businesses but it’s very important that they invest some time to check their finances on a regular basis. Are you one of these folks who sometimes forget about assessing their cashflow and expenses? If you are, then you should think twice about setting a specific time each week or perhaps twice a month to know how much money is coming in and how much you’re spending on certain things.

There are simple steps you can take to start on this process. When you begin on this endeavor, you will soon gain confidence knowing that you’re in control of your finances and you’re saving little by little for your future and that of your children.

Save for your children. How do you this? In the USA, the government gives two vouchers of 300 dollars each for children born after September 2019 and who belong to low income families. The first voucher is given after birth while the second is given when the child reaches the age of 7. The vouchers can be converted to cash or invested in the Child Trust Fund (CTF). Interests on savings accumulated through the CTF are tax free and there’s guarantee that this will grow until the child reaches his 18th year, the age which allows him or her to access the fund.

Manage your debts. Find ways to lower household bills to include those for your utilities. Once you cut down on them, you’ll in a better position to pay for your other important debts. Experts suggest moving your debt to a balance transfer card that provides a zero percent incentive. Make sure to pay your bills on time whether they’re from your credit cards or personal loans such as payday and cash advance loans that you took out.

Change your energy provider. Remember that electricity bills contribute largely to household bills. Heating costs continue to burden homeowners but if you transfer to a better energy supplier that charges lower rates, you’ll be able to save going forward. Experts recommend using direct debit when paying your bills and using a single provider for your gas and electricity needs to cut costs.

Eat at home instead of dining out. Frequent dining at restaurants and other commercial establishments can be quite expensive. Try to be patient and learn to cook for your food at home and you’ll be surprised at how much you can save. You can also join certain websites that offer reward points for online bookings and discounts on set menu deals.

Join the group savings trend. Did you know that you can save money through groups? This is known as group savings and you can benefit from this when traveling to other cities in groups. There are certain websites that offer special deals and discounts depending on the number of people that will purchase a service. If you’re planning to spend a holiday in a certain place, for instance, some online tour companies and even airlines offer a free ticket or free accommodation for every group of five or more people who use their service.

These are just some of the ways you can do to ensure that your financial status is healthy and you’re saving money for the long term.…

April 21, 2020

Responsible borrowing involves setting the right criteria

Managing your personal or family’s finances is crucial in order to lead the life you so desire. When money is sufficient to meet the basic needs of your family, then problems concerning money are kept at bay.

Unfortunately, not everybody is in a stable financial situation. This leads some people to borrow money from parents, siblings, colleagues and lending companies. Sometimes, though, they may borrow funds from two or more sources at one time which would eventually cause them accumulate debts.

In the US many people are taking advantage of the unsecured personal loans provided by short term lenders. But you have to know that not all lenders are doing well in their business today. Latest reports say that the personal lending market in the country suffered losses in 2019. Unaware to you, many lenders have actually closed shop.

According to Datamonitor, the number of lenders went down by 12 from 58 in 2017 to 46 in 2018. The number further dropped in 2009 to only 37 which means then that credit supply remains restricted up until now. Datamonitor says lending market is expected to improve by 2020 yet.

That piece of news may not be enough to keep the spirits of borrowers up, but this one might do. This pertains to the state of unemployment in the US Fortunately, more people are getting hired as the number of unemployed went down in December 2009 for the first time in one and a half years based on data from the Office of the National Statistics (ONS).

From the total unemployment of 2.46 million, the figure dropped 7,000 which was equivalent to 15,200 people over the month. The rate reduced from 7.9 percent to 7.8 percent. It may be a small percentage but at least, people are going back to work even if it’s just on a part time basis. This is better than not earning any income at all.

Having your work, however, should not make you confident to just borrow money here and there when you are in an emergency situation. When you seek the help of lending companies, it is strongly recommended to make the right choice and not just jump on the first lender you come in contact with.

As always, be careful when you select the lending company from where you will borrow money. Shop around first and get to know each one of those that you have shortlisted. Gather as much information as you can such as how long they have been in business, the interest rate they charge, other fees that they charge and their payment terms.

From the information that you have collected, you can then set a criteria to guide you in choosing the best lender that can fulfill your financial requirements. Once you have chosen the right one, get to know more about their policies and the volume of their customers in the past as well as in the present. The data will be your gauge as to how well the company has earned its customers and encouraged them to avail of the service again.

So there, be aware of your responsibilities as a borrower and you’ll avoid mistakes along the way.…

March 10, 2020

Women are saving more

Debt seems to be a staple in people’s life. But it shouldn’t haunt us into the future if only we take action to settle them. For those of us who have accumulated debts in the past year or in the past several years, it’s time to take up the responsibility to settle our financial obligations and do our best to save for our future.

In line with this, we welcome the latest news in the US that says women are becoming more skilled in saving money and this is foreseen to continue this year 2020. According to new research commissioned by the Co-operative Bank, three out of four women are committed to refrain from impulse buying this year. Additionally, three out of five women are bent on not buying more clothes while four out of 10 women will refrain from eating out and buying more fashion accessories.

A major reason for this attitude is the unstable economy. However, there are still items that women want to spend their money on such as wine, gifts and food. Food should not be questioned because that’s basic need. Gift giving to loved ones and friends is also inevitable especially during special occasions.

Research findings also revealed that women have indeed improved on their efforts towards saving money and cutting down on their expenses. If December 2019 saw many people not being able to save due to the Christmas holidays which required them to spend much on gifts and food preparations, the start of 2020 is an ideal way to spend less on unnecessary things.

It’s true that sometimes, it can be difficult to start saving notably when what you’re earning is just enough to meet your family’s needs. There may even be times that your monthly pay is not sufficient to make both ends meet.

But then again, never give up with your efforts to start saving. As long as you do it little by little and consistently for the long term, you will be surprised at the amount you have saved for your own personal needs and that of your family.

When emergency situations occur, though, and no immediate cash is available, financial experts advise people to avoid using their credit cards especially its cash advance feature because of the high cost involved. A better option is to focus on taking out a single loan such as the short term payday and cash advance loans. In this way, your attention is not focused on paying several outstanding debts but rather on a single debt.

This option is very ideal for working people who may need fast cash in between their payday. As short term lenders want to ensure repayment of the loans they provide, those employed can rely on their salaries to pay back the amount they owe. And you don’t need to take out a large amount because these lending firms allow a small amount of loan according to what you require.…