Getting our feet wet

Starting a business is no joke.

Paperwork, licenses, lawyers, banks. Phew. The last few months have been a whirlwind. We joked the other day to a family member that this all came about because we just "kept doing one more thing". We kept taking the next steps until we ended up at the Big 2: signing for our bank loan and then our lease. This whole thing has been a huge mix of emotions, ranging from pure fear to exhilarating excitement. Throughout it all though, we've both learned a really important lesson.

No matter what your passion is, just do it. Go for it. Why not? Our great friend shared a Jim Carrey commencement speech with us that really summed up this whole journey for us. In it, he talks about how his father could have been a great comedian, but recognized the risk was too great. Instead, he chose a safe accounting job. Some years later, Jim Carrey's father was fired from his safe accounting job, and his family struggled for many years. The message was clear.

You might fail doing something you don't even like, so why not take a chance on something you love?

So here we are. Forging relationships with really cool companies with exciting products. Talking to local businesses here at home that have these amazing products we just can't wait for you all to see.

Stay tuned for more.

Dana and Eric

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