Hard at work

     Starting with a blank slate has been a challenging exercise in creativity. We've been up several nights bouncing different ideas off each other, talking about possibilities on car rides. Many many miles have been logged in search of furniture and displays that put off the "look" we are going for. One thing we are very proud and excited about is featuring products made in the Hudson Valley. We wanted to put these items front and center for everyone to see. Finding the right display table was our top priority.....

Early in the process. It's gonna be awesome. Trust.

Early in the process. It's gonna be awesome. Trust.

     In the meantime, we've blocked out the windows (the picture you see above was taken very early on in the set-up process) and will be playing things close to the chest for a while. However if you're reading this, you're supporting our cause (especially those of you who have signed up to receive these updates. Thank you!). So reward you with insider info we shall.

     We are stoked about two projects that are underway! A friend of ours offered to build a custom counter for us and the progress pictures we've gotten so far look legit. We never could've imagined something like this, so thank you Frank and Mikhaila.

     We also got our hands on a decades old workbench that belonged to Eric's great-grandfather. Oscar Peterson came through Ellis Island in 1900, shortly thereafter opening up Peterson Shop, an upholstery business on Webster Avenue in the Bronx. Eric's grandfather would join Oscar in the family business, and at some point this workbench ended up in the basement of Eric's parent's house. It is a unique piece that you'll notice right away when you see it. You'll find handmade items displayed on this workbench, made with love just like furniture in the old shop.

Next up, opening! We can't thank you enough for the support thus far. Stay tuned for more info.



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