Dexter's Dog Boutique

     Well, we’re just about ready to do this. We'll have an announcement in the coming days as to when the doors will be open. Stay tuned.

     Watching the space creatively transform through hours of hard work has been indescribable. While we’ve been setting up the shop, we’ve been lucky enough to meet a few dogs that have literally sniffed us out and dragged their owner through our propped open door. It’s been a small taste of the daily interactions that await us, and it’s done nothing but strengthen and affirm what our mission truly is;

     Dexter’s Dog Boutique is a vehicle through which you and your dog will strengthen your already unique bond. We’re different from the other dog boutiques for one simple reason. Everything in our shop was carefully selected with love, just as if we were buying it for Dexter. Ranging from handmade natural oils for your anxious pup, the beautifully crafted leather collars from our local friends at Outlast Goods, to the sensibly selected treats, interactive toys, grain free food, and our emphasis on local Hudson Valley products. Everything was chosen for a single purpose: provide you with safe, American made options so that you can focus on what is truly important without cause for concern….


 the loving relationship you have with your dog.

     Thanks for sticking with us while we get everything set to open. We're looking forward to hopefully seeing familiar faces and making new friends along the way. We'll see you soon Hudson Valley.

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