The Good Stuff

     A week ago, you may have seen a post on Instagram or Facebook regarding the food we've decided to carry. Dana and I believe it bears repeating. The post read:

"Your dog is only here for part of your life. But for them, you're their whole world. We believe that's worth investing in. Dexter's Dog Boutique carries some of the top rated grain-free options available, priced super competitively at MSRP. We know how much you love your dog, so come by the shop and let us help strengthen that tie."

     So what exactly do we carry and what does it matter?

     We've carefully chosen 4 brands of food that we feel represents what Dexter's Dog Boutique is all about. They are limited ingredient, grain-free options that allow your dog to take in what they need, and none of what they don't. Let's start with one of our favorites, Zignature, made in Perham, Minnesota and Mitchell, South Dakota.

     The Zignature bags we carry are grain-free, and have received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on The independent review conducted led them to "highly recommend" Zignature. All of their formulas are free of the most common potential canine allergens: Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy, and Chicken. And when they say free of Chicken, they mean completely free. They don’t use Chicken Eggs, Chicken Meal, or any Chicken By-Products whatsoever. While very few pet food companies can make this claim, your pet will appreciate that Zignature can.

Zignature has no recalls to date.


     The next dog food we carry is Wellness's Core line, which boasts Dog Food Advisor's highest rating, 5 stars. The review "enthusiastically recommended" Wellness Core due it being a grain-free, meat-based dry dog food using a notable amount of poultry, lamb and named fish meals as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 5 stars." Wellness Core is manufactured at Hagen Pet Foods, Waverly, NY; CJ Foods, Bern, KS; and American Nutrition, Inc, Ogden, UT.

    Although the high-end Core line has not been recalled, Wellness's lower priced lines have on 2 occasions. On October 30th 2012, Wellness Small Breed was recalled due to possible "moisture contamination". In May of 2012, Wellness initiated a voluntary recall of one recipe of Wellness dry dog food after being notified by Diamond Pet Foods regarding the presence of Salmonella in Diamond Pet Foods’ Gaston, South Carolina facility. Wellness has since ended their partnership with Diamond Pet Foods.

     The third dry food we carry is our personal favorite, because it's what we feed Dexter. Fromm is a family owned company, making food out of their facility in Wisconsin. We proudly carry their high-end line, Four Star Nutritional. Their grain-free options have earned a 4.5 star rating out of 5 with Dog Food Advisor. Produced in small batches, Fromm has a unique feature that Dexter has certainly enjoyed over the past year;

     All of their recipes are interchangeable. Meaning you can switch your dog between Fromm formulas with no digestive issues.    You wouldn't want to eat the same thing every single day, would you?

     Dog Food Advisor highly recommends Fromm to dog parents, and we do too.

     Fromm announced a recall on certain canned foods on March 18th 2006. There was a concern that they may contain elevated levels of Vitamin D.

     Finally, we come to our only canned dog food, Evanger's. We use Evanger's as supplementary feeding for Dexter, a treat for him every now and then. The cans (packed in Illinois) are grain-free, and contain limited ingredients. In their review, Dog Food Advisor said "Evanger’s Hand-Packed is a grain-free meat-based canned dog food using a generous amount of beef, chicken or sardines as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 5 stars. Enthusiastically recommended." Since this family owned company was started in 1935, they have never had a single recall. That's a pretty impressive track record.

A final word....

     The dog food industry has long had a certain veil of mystery surrounding it. We've painstakingly researched options for Dexter, and we are confident in the products we carry. has no skin in the game and doesn't accept money from anyone. Their reviews are purely objective. A google search on ANY dog food is certain to reveal bad reviews, even horror stories. It's up to us as educated consumers to decide what is best for our dogs.

     If you have any questions, feel free to ask! All of these lines offer reduced fat options, senior formulas, puppy formulas, and more. Let us know how we can help.

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