Making a Difference

     Our purpose at Dexter's Dog Boutique is to help you strengthen the already unique connection you have with your dog. This is why we are careful to choose each and every product available in our shop. Two companies in particular are truly making a difference by providing employment opportunities for people with Autism and other disabilities. We are excited to shed some light on them.

Good Reasons

What's not to love about this company? Here's what we love:

 - They are based right here in the Hudson Valley for one!

- They employ people with Autism and other disabilities. See the video below.

- They have a Culinary graduate overseeing the treat operation

- Treats are made from human grade, locally sourced ingredients.

When you support local, you are positively impacting the lives of your neighbors in ways you can't imagine. It's a beautiful thing!

Honest Pet Products

Good Reasons makes the treats, while these guys make the fetch toys! Here's the facts:

- Honest Pet Products hemp toys are hand made by individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

- HEMP! If you don't know about hemp, let us drop some knowledge.

     a. HEMP fabrics are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, mildew-free and rot-free so they are healthier for your pet.

     b. Because HEMP is a plant, it is 100% biodegradable. It actually REPLENISHES the soil it grows in. No pesticides, no chemicals, no pollution.

     c. HEMP toys are pure, natural and safer than toys made of synthetics, plastics and rubber.

     d. The HEMP plant produces the strongest of all plant fibers, resulting in toys that are twice as strong as cotton toys.

     With Eric being a Special Education teacher, these companies really hit home. We are very proud to have them at Dexter's. We hope you will support these hard working men and women by taking home a bag of treats and a toy today! See you at the shop Hudson Valley. 

Eric PetersonComment