It's getting hot - Lets talk water

Before you roll your eyes, at least read this brief intro. Yes, we are going to tell you about water consumption. BUT we bet you'll learn something that you didn't already know. Trust.

Besides, part of adulting is continuing our education and being the best parents we can be! We all leave water bowls out for the dog, and just assume he/she will manage how much (or how little) water they'll need throughout the day. Friends, we're gonna have to facilitate this a bit more. Read.

1. Kibble

Are you feeding a dry kibble? If so, your dogs water intake needs to slightly increase. Kibble is (as you know), dried out and completely devoid of any moisture, making the kidneys do a little extra work. Time to use your superior intellect and trick the ol' pooch into drinking more. An easy solution? Food toppers! These are small cans of single, wet proteins such as duck, pork, or rabbit (to name a few) that will make your dogs day, and get them to intake more water without realizing it. We simply will add a spoonful to Dexter's food and stir it up. Peace of mind for us, and he's none the wiser. Win-win for everyone.


2. Stubborn Drinker?

We've all known these dogs before, the ones that just have no interest in their water. First, this can be a sign of an underlying medical issue, so please have your dog checked out by your Vet to rule anything out. If he's fine but just being a jerk, here's a cool little trick; fill their bowl with some low sodium chicken or beef broth. Dilute it with water, and watch the H2O disappear. Each time, gradually increase the amount of water, and decrease the broth. All the while, reinforce this positive behavior just like you would with anything else. Shower them with love, and maybe throw them a healthy treat or two.

3. It's Hot

Whether you take your dog out walking, for a run with you, or hiking - even if you're good and don't need a drink, your dog likely does. Dogs overheat quicker than us, and aren't able to cool off like we do. If they are pulling you towards shade, pay attention to what they are telling you. A collapsible bowl is great to have on hand, as you should give your dog access to water every 20 minutes or so during activity.

4. Keep it Clean

Here's a fun fact: Your dog can taste water. Apparently all we taste are the chemicals and impurities of the water. That must be why we have wine instead (thanks superior intellect). Clean your dog's bowl often! A good wipe down each day will keep any film from developing, but make sure you hand-wash or toss it in the dishwasher once every week or two. Be sure to keep your dog's water in a bowl made of recycled glass or stainless steel (Check out the video showing how our PawNosh bowls are made!). Avoid plastic bowls whenever possible, as they can possibly leach chemicals into your dog's water.

5. Get Creative

Have toys from Kong, Planet Dog, or WestPaw? Chances are, they have holes for treat dispensing. Try filling them up with water and freezing them. An ice lick that presents a fun challenge on a hot day will earn you some major points with your dogl We've got a few tricks up our sleeve, so stop by the shop if you need ideas!

You learned something new didn't you? And chances are you avoided work while doing it, so we helped you out on two fronts. Finally, we'll leave you with a list of 10 essential summer tips for you and your dog, just click below - you'll definitely pick up new information on this read!

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