Highlighting the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. We are proud to carry items from these 9 incredible Hudson Valley companies/makers. Check them out below!


Three Wags - Athens, NY

Photo courtesy of Jill Richardson Photography

Photo courtesy of Jill Richardson Photography

    Three Wags was started by a Texas girl living in upstate New York, and inspired by three wagging tails that are the heart of her family - Holly, Fenny and Tibby. After years in another profession, Catherine decided to share her creative side making comfy, stylish and practical dog products. Her focus is dog bandanas and dog bedding. Three Wags is the coming together of things Catherine loves - dogs, handmade goods and problem solving. How so? The desire to create something better and/or differently for her own dogs! Catherine designs and creates each Three Wags product by hand with a little help from three wagging tails (who make a great quality control team by the way). If your dog needs to get hooked up with some new threads, stop by the shop! The bandanas from Three Wags will be sure to catch your eye.


Striker's Path Handmade Dog Treats - Hopewell Junction, NY

     The name Striker’s Path represents one woman's journey of “striking out on a new path”. This endeavor began with one unruly dog! The recent adoption of a shrieking Beagle-mix set Toni, the owner of Striker’s Path on a mission to create nutritious handmade training treats from scratch. In an effort to minimize waste, Striker’s Path utilizes ALL the edible parts of the fruits and vegetables that go into these incredible treats. And speaking of fruits and vegetables, the peaches, pumpkins, acorn squash, butternut squash, apples, kale, and collard greens found in Striker's Path are all sourced from Fishkill Farms. I mean come on….what more can you ask for? Let's not forget the chicken and cage-free eggs, which make Striker's Path a nutritional powerhouse. These treats are beautifully presented in reusable and recyclable glass jars, which are hopefully less likely to end up in a landfill! (we like to jar our own sauces sometimes, just saying.) You won't find any preservatives or unnecessary fillers in these, just enough rice flour (did we mention they are gluten free?) to hold it all together! As you may have picked up on, there's alot of love put into these treats.

“I hope that your dog enjoys these tasty, nutritious treats as much as my dogs do” - Toni

Heart Hill Leather - Rhinebeck, NY

     Heart Hill Leather, born in Rhinebeck NY, is directly connected to the huge "heart" cut into the fields as one enters the Village from the east.  The heart, visible to all passers by continues to generate many comments of endearment as well as serving as a backdrop for snapshots/pictures taken by inspired locals and village visitors. The leather work is "heartfully" done at this residence and in the spirit of the heart in the field.  Completely hand made (cut, dyed, carved and sewn), you wont find any fancy commercial machinery involved in the process.  Each item is unique and one of a kind.  The workmanship is guaranteed to be the best possible.  At Dexter's, you'll find a wide range of these beautiful collars. We never know what Adam, a retired Air Force Colonel, will bring through our door! Own a Heart Hill leather item and know it has been heartfully created with absolute attention to detail. The coolest part is that no other dog in the world will have your collar!


Sweetpea - Stone Ridge, NY

     Sweetpea keeps it local. This charming business offers handmade home goods, jewelry, refurbished furniture, gifts, handmade gift cards, gift certificates, paintings, and a curated collection of vintage items all sourced locally in the Hudson Valley. Having studied printmaking at Syracuse University and in Italy, owner Scarlet's love for creating and designing flowed through her veins and has ultimately led her to her dream of opening her own store. At Sweetpea’s, you’ll find one of a kind items that are created in their shop each day. Their shop is like a visit to the Adirondacks and walking down memory lane all at the same time. You have to check them out! You’ll find their beautifully hand-crafted dog beds (made by Scarlet's husband Sean) front and center at Dexter’s Dog Boutique.


Good Reasons - North Salem, NY


     Recently featured on ABC World News Tonight, this is a not for profit dog treat company on a mission.  With six original recipes created by Culinary Institute of America graduate Allan Katz, they're making scrumptious, human-grade, all natural dog treats in Poughkeepsie, NY. Good Reasons is known for providing employment opportunities to people with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Founder Vicki Sylvester merged her professional experience as an advocate for the disabled community with her love of animals to create a company that supports an integrated workforce. Help us support jobs and opportunities for people of ALL abilities by picking up a bag today!


Meaty Mugs - Hyde Park, NY

     One of the first relationships we formed on this journey was with Regina from Meaty Mugs. She too, had become fed up with options for her dog from China. Over the years, they’ve learned a lot about the benefits and the positive impact of healthy dog treats. They offer simple 1 ingredient treats, using all natural human grade ingredients. By avoiding unnecessary ingredients found in most company’s treats, your dog will steer clear of diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, or even worse, cancer. Physical health is just as important to them as nutritional health, which is why they’ve decided to create and handcraft their own Meaty Mugs Tugs™. Made out of durable, recycled fire hose, it’s the perfect toy to interact with your dog and keep them active. You’ll find their line of treats and tugs at our shop!


Outlast Goods - Newburgh, NY

     Above all else, Outlast is based on craft and family.  Well, that, and an appreciation for simple design, beautiful materials, and supporting the local community.  Oh and the enjoyment of physically making things.  There's actually a lot that inspires Outlast, but family heritage and traditional craftsmanship are their foundation. Backed by literal centuries of Meyer family history in the tanning industry, Outlast founder Stephen Meyer used his years of working with leather, amateur bookbinding skills, and original design ideas to make his first wallet. From there, the business took off. At Dexter’s, you’ll find their skillfully crafted collars and leashes made from the vegetable-tanned leather he hand selects from the family tannery.


Coast to Coast Dog Treats, Inc - Stormville, NY

      Healthy, simple snacks aren’t just for the humans anymore! Owner Linda found inspiration for Coast to Coast by growing up here in the east and moving to California where she discovered the organic lifestyle. After returning east, the frustration with her Westie's lifelong allergies grew. It proved virtually impossible to find healthy options for dogs with allergies, and it was then she vowed to create a treat with simple ingredients that dogs could benefit and thrive from. After 6 months of nutritional value research and developing her own recipes, Coast to Coast Dog Treats was born in January of 2011. When you stop at Dexter’s to pick up a bag, you’ll see that all the recipes are made from human-grade organic ingredients (yes, you can eat them, but the dog won’t be happy) packed with valuable nutrition for your dog. From the vitamin packed Butternut Squash treats, to the urinary tract support of their Cranberry treats, they’ve got your dog covered. They’ve got the favorites taken care of too, in the form of pumpkin and peanut butter. Who knew all this good stuff was happening right here in the Hudson Valley?


Pirate Paws Barkery - Newburgh, NY

     In 2011, owner Karen had been searching for a healthy alternative for her four dogs to the basic dog treat. After much research into the ingredients of the treats offered on the market, she was disgusted. Wanting to give her dogs an option that was safe, she went down to the local meat market and bought USA sourced and processed, human grade poultry and beef and started dehydrating her own treats. Soon after, family members and friends wanted treats for their pets too. It started to take on a life of it's own and Pirate Paws Barkery was born. Pirate Paws guarantees they use no preservatives, sodium, fillers or animal by products and each bag is hand selected. You know a dog treat is good when it inspires your own plans for dinner, such as their Chicken Sweet Potato Chips; made from chicken, yams, and parsley. Yes, that’s it! Since bringing Pirate Paws into the shop, they have proven to be immensely popular!

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