March 10, 2020

Women are saving more

By Dexter Stangl

Debt seems to be a staple in people’s life. But it shouldn’t haunt us into the future if only we take action to settle them. For those of us who have accumulated debts in the past year or in the past several years, it’s time to take up the responsibility to settle our financial obligations and do our best to save for our future.

In line with this, we welcome the latest news in the US that says women are becoming more skilled in saving money and this is foreseen to continue this year 2020. According to new research commissioned by the Co-operative Bank, three out of four women are committed to refrain from impulse buying this year. Additionally, three out of five women are bent on not buying more clothes while four out of 10 women will refrain from eating out and buying more fashion accessories.

A major reason for this attitude is the unstable economy. However, there are still items that women want to spend their money on such as wine, gifts and food. Food should not be questioned because that’s basic need. Gift giving to loved ones and friends is also inevitable especially during special occasions.

Research findings also revealed that women have indeed improved on their efforts towards saving money and cutting down on their expenses. If December 2019 saw many people not being able to save due to the Christmas holidays which required them to spend much on gifts and food preparations, the start of 2020 is an ideal way to spend less on unnecessary things.

It’s true that sometimes, it can be difficult to start saving notably when what you’re earning is just enough to meet your family’s needs. There may even be times that your monthly pay is not sufficient to make both ends meet.

But then again, never give up with your efforts to start saving. As long as you do it little by little and consistently for the long term, you will be surprised at the amount you have saved for your own personal needs and that of your family.

When emergency situations occur, though, and no immediate cash is available, financial experts advise people to avoid using their credit cards especially its cash advance feature because of the high cost involved. A better option is to focus on taking out a single loan such as the short term payday and cash advance loans. In this way, your attention is not focused on paying several outstanding debts but rather on a single debt.

This option is very ideal for working people who may need fast cash in between their payday. As short term lenders want to ensure repayment of the loans they provide, those employed can rely on their salaries to pay back the amount they owe. And you don’t need to take out a large amount because these lending firms allow a small amount of loan according to what you require.